Notesnook – Online note taking

Notesnook – Online note taking

Notesnook - Online note taking is the most famous version in the Notesnook - Online note taking series of publisher Streetwriters LLC

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April 15, 2022
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Notesnook is life changing. Ever thought why journalists keep getting locked up? No? I didn't either. But hear me out. You need an online note taking app that is private so no one, not even the law enforcement, can read your private thoughts.

It all starts with your little brother reading your personal diary (that's supposed to be locked). Oh how he laughs reading your silly jokes, your social media comments. You didn't know you needed an encrypted & online note taking app to keep you safe from all sorts of embarrassment & trouble…until today.


Remember how you had a notepad as a kid? Your teacher used to put stars on it because you were so intelligent. Yeah, now that dogeared notepad is an online notepad (don't be disappointed if you don't find any stars in it) in the form of Notesnook!

But the reality is that you must already have an online notepad that's snooping on you all day, reading your private notes, opening that personal diary that you forgot to put a lock on. Isn't that scary? That's downright terrifying. Wouldn't it be nice if all your online notes were safe & encrypted without you having to life a finger? It would be! Yes. That's why you need Notesnook.


Notesnook is freedom of speech personified — no one will stop you from calling people names because that's how online note taking should be! And the best thing is there's no risk of anyone leaking your private notes (from your personal diary or journal) because no one can read them except you.

(But I wish someone leaked GoT Book 6.)


I bet you store your passwords in your phone's notepad. Bad idea, I tell you. Most of these offline notepads don't even have an app lock. In Notesnook, you have a super secure notes vault (like a vault in your local bank) to protect your ever changing WiFi passwords. (Seriously, stop being a miser & share your WiFi).

What's more secret than a password? Your bank account password. Your special someone's name…and so much more. That's why Notesnook protects your personal diary with lock!


What happens if you don't have Internet? Oops. Will you lose access to all your private notes?! Will you never be able to read your childhood essays?! Will you lose access to your personal diary?! Good riddance!

But no. Notesnook is an online notepad as well as an offline notepad. You won't get rid of your notes that easily. All your online notes are also stored offline on your device. In fact, everything gets encrypted on your device before it gets uploaded. That's what secure means, folks!

And that's it folks. There's loads more features that I am too lazy to recall. From sharing your notes in a private way to writing markdown directly; it's all just a download away. Don't hesitate & choose privacy over convenience.

You can download Notesnook – Online note taking from APK Tahmil now for free.

- Improvements to sync performance
- Added sort by title option in sort menu

Thank you for using Notesnook!

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